Need a little guidance on what each crystal means? You've come to the right place. Use this directory to explore the meanings and properties of the crystals that I use in my jewelry. 

Crystals L-R


pictured: Moonlight

navigating transitions • intuition • empathy

Moonstone is a powerful crystal strongly connected to the moon. This reflective stone reminds us that just like the moon’s ever-evolving shape, change is constant. It can support us to be resilient in the face of change by calming our emotions. Moonstone also helps us connect to our intuition and develop stronger empathy for others. 

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pictured: Nathaira

self-improvement • self-forgiveness • emotional healing

Like a glimmer of light bursting through the trees, peridot clears away negative emotions like anxiety, envy, and resentment and opens up the heart to experience healing and joy. Feelings like spite and jealousy can overwhelm the spirit and leave us feeling icky, but peridot cleanses and heals those parts of ourselves so we can let go of guilt and blame, practice self-forgiveness, and move forward with happiness and clarity. 

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Pink tourmaline

pictured: June

self-love • emotional healing • inner peace

This pink variant of tourmaline attracts love in both the physical and material worlds. It promotes peace and relaxation while providing assurance that it's safe to accept and trust in the power of love. By clearing emotional pain and destructive feelings, it allows us to jump start our journey toward radical self-love. As it cleanses our heart chakra, pink tourmaline reminds us that self-love is the key to being able to fully accept love from others.

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pictured: Malaya

introspection • dreams • heart connection

If you find yourself feeling distracted or confused as you navigate each day, prehnite is the perfect crystal for you. This minty pastel stone connects our heart with our personal will, allowing us to prioritize our purest dreams. By helping you live life with heart, prehnite will guide you through introspection and insight about what you truly want from the world. 

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pictured: Wounded Healer

master healer • manifestation • cleansing

The universe has blessed Mother Earth with an abundance of this master healer crystal. Quartz is incredibly versatile because of its ability to amplify whatever intentions or energies you program into it. By taking your intentions and energies and broadcasting them into the universe, quartz helps you manifest exactly what you need for your spiritual journey. Quartz is also a deep soul cleanser; it eliminates our inner negativity and replaces them with positive thoughts.

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rose quartz

pictured: Rose Quartz Goddess Necklace

self-love • compassion • empathy

Rose quartz’s soft feminine energy provides us with compassion, peace, tenderness, and healing. Associated with the heart chakra, rose quartz dissolves emotional wounds, fears, and resentments and reawakens the heart to its own innate love. It also opens up the heart so that we have the capacity to give and receive love from those around us. 

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pictured: Jojo

passion • balance • confidence

Ruby is a captivating stone that encourages passion and vigor in life, but never in a self-destructive way. It encourages us to chase what brings us joy and stimulates and balances the heart chakra.

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