Go with the Flow Set

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This set includes a 20" necklace and mini hoops made with aquamarine, a crystal that teaches us that it's okay to go with the flow and gracefully accept whatever the universe throws our way. 


made with aquamarine

With its name meaning “water of the sea,” aquamarine connects us to Earth’s life-giving water element. Let aquamarine’s calming energy cleanse your soul by helping you release toxic old patterns. As it rejuvenates your spirit, aquamarine will inspire you to overcome resistance toward the unknown and trust whatever the universe sends your way.

Jewelry Materials 

necklace: 20 inch gold-plated chain + closures 

earrings: gold-plated brass hoops 

Important Notes 

The jewelry is made with gold-plated metal that may fade or tarnish when exposed to liquids or when stored improperly. To avoid tarnishing, please avoid contact with liquids and store your jewelry properly.