Love Yourself Ring Stack

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Part of my 2021 Holiday Collection, California Christmas. This ring stack includes three made-to-order rings made with crystals that support self-love: strawberry quartz, kunzite, and pink tourmaline. 



If you typically guard your heart and find it difficult to trust others, kunzite is perfect for you. This pale pink stone opens the heart to love and unleashes positivity from within. Its gentle energies also wipe away emotional blockages and inspire kindness, softness, and self worth. 

Strawberry Quartz  

This beautiful pink variant of the classic quartz allows us to live consciously and joyfully in every moment. Strawberry quartz brings divine love to everything we do and helps us find humor in all situations, allowing us to live life more fully, whimsically, and joyfully.

Pink Tourmaline 

This pink variant of tourmaline attracts love in both the physical and material worlds. It promotes peace and relaxation while providing assurance that it's safe to accept and trust in the power of love. By clearing emotional pain and destructive feelings, it allows us to jump start our journey toward radical self-love. As it cleanses our heart chakra, pink tourmaline reminds us that self-love is the key to being able to fully accept love from others.

Jewelry Materials 

gold colored copper wire with tarnish resistant coating 

Important Notes 

The rings are made with gold colored copper wire with tarnish resistant coating. Please remove when washing hands or showering to prevent the gold color from fading.