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Tita Disco

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For all my babes who can’t be bothered with big earrings flying off on the dancefloor but still wanna look hella extra and fly: mini silver huggies with eye-catching disco balls and ametrine


My journey creating Wounded Healing Art has been a chain of synchronistic events that all began when I attended my first camping festival in 2018. Under the light of the moon on the dancefloor, surrounded by beautiful wild hearts, I discovered the courage to awaken the creativity and whimsical spirit of my inner child. The Synchronicity Collection celebrates all the magical moments, inspiring humans, and serendipitous occurrences within festival spaces that led to the birth of Wounded Healing Art, my biggest labor of love, three years ago.  


Made with ametrine 

Ametrine combines the healing powers of amethyst and citrine. With the spiritual support of amethyst and the mental support of citrine, ametrine balances and harmonizes the mind and spirit. With harmony between the mind and spirit, we gain clarity to make better decisions, overcome resistance, and muster up the willpower to relentlessly pursue our goals. 

Jewelry Materials  

14mm sterling silver huggie hoops + disco balls