Raw Crystal Studs

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Simple and to the point. These stud earrings showcase the natural beauty of one of mother nature's greatest gifts to us, healing crystals. Currently available in amethyst, blue apatite, citrine, green fluorite, and tangerine quartz. 



Amethyst is one of the most popular crystals, and for good reason! Nicknamed the “all healer,” it’s high frequency purifies our aura and helps ease our mental anxieties. Amethyst works its magic by absorbing negative energy and transforming it into more loving, gentle energy to return to the universe. This crystal is also perfect for helping us connect more deeply to ourselves because it initiates exploration of our soul’s existence and helps us understand the root cause of our behaviors.

blue apatite

Blue apatite’s powerful energy is incredible for helping you tap into your personal power. It supports us in this by clearing away mental and emotional blockages like apathy, confusion, and negativity and replacing them with a sense of independence and ambitiousness. Blue apatite also helps us overcome self-consciousness and alienation while promoting openness and social ease so we feel powerful and confident as we navigate the world.


Citrine’s vibrant energy fills the spirit with positivity and the highest vibrations. This cheerful, uplifting stone is a powerful energy tool for manifesting abundance because it boosts optimism, increases motivation and perseverance, and strengthens mental output, all of which are needed to work toward your goals.

green fluorite 

Green Fluorite is a cleansing crystal that absorbs negative energy from the environment and grounds excess energy. It cleanses the soul as well, dissipating emotional trauma and clearing our toxic patterns.

tangerine quartz 

This beautiful orange variation of quartz stimulates the joyful energy of our inner child, bringing playfulness and curiosity into our lives. Connected to the sacral chakra, tangerine quartz also activates passion in multiple dimensions of our lives, from sexuality to creativity. Emotionally, tangerine quartz supports us in releasing shame and blame and instills hope through struggle.


nickel-free gold plated brass