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Clarize features lotus charms, which symbolize enlightenment + spiritual growth, and a delicate piece of Selenite. spired by the radiant spirit of our dear friend ClarizeYale (@sourmouthsweetheart), these earrings exude a sense of serenity and inner peace. Adorn yourself with the "Clarize" earrings and embrace the harmonizing energy of the lotus and the gentle embrace of selenite.


made with selenite

Known as "Liquid Light", Selenite emanates gentle and calming energy that brings clarity, peace, and spiritual purification. It is a crystal that promotes higher consciousness, connecting you to the divine realms and your inner wisdom. Most known for its ability to cleanse and purifify the energy field, Selenite removes negative energies and promotes a sense of security and harmony. It also enhances spiritual growth, meditation, and psychic abilities, opening pathways to higher dimensions of awareness. Selenite brings mental clarity and mental flexibility, helping to release stagnant thought patterns and promoting a sense of inner peace. The soothing embrace of Selenite will bathe you in its radiant energy, cleansing your spirit and illuminating your path of spiritual evolution.

Jewelry Materials

raw brass lotus charm + 14k gold-plated hypoallergenic ear wires

Important Notes

These lotus charms are made with raw brass and the ear wires are made with gold plated brass. Over time, the gold plating may fade or the brass may oxidize, causing a change in color. To avoid tarnishing, please practice proper jewelry care by minimizing exposure to liquids and storing your earrings on a hanging display when not in use. Selenite is a very delicate crystal. Please avoid situations in which the crystal might get crushed (ie: putting them in a bag with other heavy items)