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These stunning chandelier-style earrings feature a gorgeous blue iridescent glass butterfly, symbolizing transformation, freedom, and beauty. Dangling from the hoop are alternating chains with hematite and sapphire, evoking a sense of whimsical allure and playful energy. 



Hematite, the powerful grounding stone, anchors your energy to the Earth, bringing stability and balance to your being. With its protective properties, it shields you from negative energies, creating a sense of safety and security. Hematite's strength and resilience inspire you to overcome challenges, while its clarifying energy sharpens your focus and promotes mental clarity. Allow Hematite to balance your energy, harmonizing the yin and yang within you, and fostering a deep sense of groundedness and integration.


Sapphire is a captivating stone graced with deep blue hues that exudes wisdom, intuition, and divine protection. It is a crystal of truth and enlightenment, stimulating the third eye chakra and enhancing spiritual awareness. Sapphire inspires inner wisdom, clarity, and mental focus, guiding you toward insightful decision-making. It promotes intuition and psychic abilities, deepening your connection to higher realms of consciousness. Sapphire also carries a protective energy, shielding you from negative influences and creating a harmonious balance within your energy field. Allow profound energy of Sapphire to unlock the doors to divine knowledge, inner clarity, and spiritual growth.