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Brass hexagon hoops with dangling 18k gold plated butterflies butterflies and mini crystal - choose between tanzanite and aquamarine! Originally released as part of my Solace Collection. 

Crystal Options 


Tanzanite is a miracle worker for those who are looking for all-around self improvement and spiritual awakening. It urges us to become the best version of ourselves by expanding our consciousness and stripping away the old version of ourselves that no longer serves us. Tanzanite integrates our heart, mind, and soul to create one being that knows how to appropriately tap into each component of the self. In doing so, Tanzanite allows us to speak softly and compassionately without sacrificing our knowledge and intellect.


With its name meaning “water of the sea,” aquamarine connects us to Earth’s life-giving water element. Let aquamarine’s calming energy cleanse your soul by helping you release toxic old patterns. As it rejuvenates your spirit, aquamarine will inspire you to overcome resistance toward the unknown and trust whatever the universe sends your way

Jewelry Materials 

brass hexagon hoop + gold-colored nickel-free iron chain + 18k gold-plated butterfly + gold plated leverback ear wire 

Important Notes 

Because crystals are gifts from mother nature that vary in size and shape, you may recieve crystals that are slightly smaller or slightly larger than those pictured.

These hexagon hoops are made of raw brass and the butterflies are made of 24k gold plated brass. Overtime, the gold-plating may fade or the brass may oxidize, causing a color change in the metal. To avoid tarnishing, please practice proper jewelry care by minimizing exposure to liquids and storing your earrings on a hanging display when not in use.