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Green Garnet Ring

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This exquisite ring features a captivating piece of green garnet, showcasing its rich, verdant hues. Lovingly wire-wrapped, the green garnet is the star of this piece. The ring is customizable to your size and meticulously made to order, ensuring a perfect fit and a unique piece tailored to you.

Rings are made to order - please allow additional time for production. 


made with green garnet

Green garnet exudes a lush, verdant hue that evokes the vitality of nature's thriving landscapes. This crystal, also known as Grossular Garnet, harnesses the grounding energy of the Earth, encouraging a strong sense of stability and balance. With its rejuvenating properties, Green Garnet revitalizes the spirit, inspiring growth and abundance in all aspects of life. Embracing the heart chakra, this gem fosters compassion and emotional healing, empowering individuals to open their hearts to love and kindness. Let the Green Garnet be your gentle guide to reconnecting with nature's abundance, finding inner strength, and fostering harmony within the self and the world around you.

Jewelry Materials

Gold colored copper wire 

Important Notes 

These rings should not be exposed to liquids. Please remove when washing hands or showering to avoid discoloration.