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Pinxy Glasses/Mask Chain

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These glasses/mask chains honor my identities as both Filipina and a proud raver! Inspired by the kandi bracelets of the rave scene, the Pinxy Glasses/Mask Chain features crystals in the colors of the Philippine flag: citrine, lapis lazuli, and garnet. Choose between kandi lettering that reads PINAY or PINXY!

While originally meant to serve as glasses chains, these chains can convert to mask chains! Simply remove the elastics from the attached lobster clasps to convert to a mask chain. Be sure to hang on to the elastics in case you ever want to use them as sunglasses chains, though!



Citrine, a radiant gemstone glowing with golden hues, exudes the warmth of the sun and the energy of abundance. It is a crystal of joy and positivity, inviting success, prosperity, and manifestation into your life. Citrine's vibrant energy clears away stagnant energies, promoting a sense of clarity, motivation, and self-confidence. It uplifts the spirit, dispelling negativity and infusing your being with optimism and enthusiasm. Known as the "merchant's stone," Citrine attracts wealth and abundance, stimulating creativity and bringing forth new opportunities. Embrace the radiant energy of Citrine and let it illuminate your path, igniting your inner fire and empowering you to manifest your dreams.


Garnet, a fiery gem ablaze with passion and vitality, ignites the soul with its captivating energy. Like a magnetic force, it fuels your inner fire, infusing you with purpose, motivation, and physical energy. Garnet empowers you to embrace your true seld and walk the path of self-confidence and strength. It's a talisman of abundance, aligning the universe to shower you with prosperity and positive relationships.

lapis lazuli 

Adorned with deep blue hues and gorgeous golden flecks, Lapis Lazuli carries the wisdom of the cosmos within its captivating depths. It resonates with a regal energy, invoking inner peace, spiritual enlightenment, and profound self-discovery. Lapis Lazuli opens the gateway to higher consciousness, connecting you to the divine realms and expanding your spiritual awareness. It stimulates clarity of thought, enhancing intellectual abilities and intuition. With its calming vibrations, Lapis Lazuli soothes emotional turmoil and brings harmony to the mind, fostering deep inner serenity. Allow the celestial essence of Lapis Lazuli to guide you on a transformative journey of self-reflection, spiritual growth, and the pursuit of truth.

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gold colored stainless steel figaro chain