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Occurring approximately every 29.5 years, Saturn return marks the period in which the planet Saturn returns to the position it assumed at the time of one’s birth. During one’s first Saturn return, we’re called to realign our priorities and embrace accountability as we enter a new chapter of maturity and adulthood.


This collection is a celebration of my personal Saturn return journey. As I enter my 30s this year, I wanted to design pieces that blend the introspective and creative spirit of my youth with the wisdom and inspiration I gained throughout my 20s. It’s a celebration of self-discovery, a harmonious fusion of past and present inspirations.

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  1. Saturn Return
  2. Orbit
  3. Another Lifetime
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  4. Under Your Spell
  5. Would You Fly With Me?
  6. In Dreams
  7. Love Supreme
  8. Gracie: Saturn Return Edition
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  9. Life Path Necklace
  10. Kryptonite Lover Ring Set


SATURN by Nao transcends the ordinary and its influence is at the heart of this collection. My deep love and enchantment with this album began during a psychedelic journey, where the very first line of the album completely serenaded my senses. Instantly, I was transported to a distant but familiar galaxy, a celestial realm adorned with vivid hues and sparkling stars. Nao's hauntingly beautiful vocals led me through a mesmerizing astral landscape, with each note painting scenes of otherworldly beauty in my mind. The album was a masterpiece to me from the very first listen and resonated with me on a profound level. It remains, unequivocally, my favorite album. As I embarked on the creative journey of designing this collection, the imagery that Saturn brought me echoed in my mind. The designs in this celestial ensemble mirror the dreamy colors and visuals of the galaxies that unfolded during that first listen. Welcome to a collection that transcends boundaries, where each piece encapsulates magic, beauty, and celestial allure.

listen to saturn 🪐