Hi, I'm Cheska!

And I'm the maker behind this one-woman business!

Thank you so much for supporting my craft, vision, and heart-work; it means the world to me that my jewelry speaks to you.​ As a purpose-driven woman, I hella believe in being intentional in everything I do, and that includes being purposeful about the jewelry I choose to adorn my body with each day! Working with crystals has been instrumental to my healing and spiritual growth and wearing them everyday is my way of including their magic in my every day life. thank you for letting me share this with you. It's an absolute honor!


I started woundedhealingart in the Summer of 2019 after finishing a draining first year of graduate school. I was working on my Master's degree in College Counseling and while I absolutely love what I do and I’m passionate about working with young people to become the best versions of themselves, I felt like I was losing myself a little in the process. My entire identity was tied to my work as a counselor and educator, and I wanted that to change. In search of myself outside of my professional work, I started attending transformational music festivals and was absolutely in awe of all the creative energy I was surrounded with. Folks of different backgrounds came together to create something beautiful in the world, and I wanted to be part of it. These experiences led to what can only be described as a surge of creative energy filling my soul that was begging to be released. I searched for an outlet by connecting to crafts that I used to enjoy as a child and I rediscovered jewelry-making. In high school, I made earrings that I used to sell at football games and rallies, so I broke out my old supplies and started making jewelry again as a way to release that creative energy. One thing led to another, and woundedhealingart was born! Connecting back to a craft that used to bring me so much joy has been a homecoming that's been long overdue and I am so, so honored to be on this journey with you all.

my values

Here's what I value as a brand & business owner


Before designing a new collection or piece, I think intentionally about the kind of energy and feeling I want to evoke in my customers. My main purpose is to inspire you to think more intentionally about the jewelry you wear by providing designs that will bring you the healing energy you need.

Community Building

Without community, my business would be no where. I give back to the communities that helped my business grow by hosting fundraisers, popping up at BIPOC community events, and mentoring up and coming BIPOC owned small businesses.


It's extremely important to me that my jewelry is accessible to all. For that reason, I offer multiple price points so that everyone can get a little crystal magic in their jewelry collection.  


Because I believe in the power of crystals in healing, this venture is an extension of my identity as a counselor.I read about the term wounded healer in my first few weeks of grad school. The chapter outlined qualities that make a good counselor and one of those was the idea of counselors as “wounded healers.” This phrase mystified me and repeated in my head over and over throughout the semester. There was something poetic about it, something that resonated with me deeply. In pursuing a career in counseling, I’ve felt a lot of self-doubt. How can someone like me, with so much to work on, so many hurts in my heart, possibly be effective in supporting other souls hurting from trauma, barriers, isms, and everything in between? The concept of the wounded healer gave me peace. Originally conceptualized by Carl Jung, the wounded healer is one who recognizes their suffering yet finds light amidst it; one who digs deep into that pain to find the beautiful places it can lead them; one who knows healing from their wounds is possible and uses that knowledge to guide other wounded souls toward healing. That. That is what I believed counseling should be and the kind of counselor I hope to be. When choosing the name for my business, "wounded healer" kept popping up in my mind. I didn't think it would be the right fit, but my intuition kept pushing me in this direction. So I listened, and the rest is history.