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An ode to the lotus flower, one of WHA's favorite design motifs and a symbol of purity and enlightenment, the ADINA earrings feature an elegant upside-down lotus design with a peridot stud adorning the top of the stem to represent growth and vitality. Delicate mini moonstone beads dangle from the side petals of the lotus, while a larger piece of sunstone embraces the center petal. With the the heart-opening properties of peridot, the empowering energies of sunstone, and the healing power of moonstone paired with the symbolism of the lotus flower, ADINA serves as a reminder to be resilient and bloom into your most authentic self.

These earrings are made to order. Please allow additional time for production. 



Moonstone, a mystical crystal shimmering with ethereal hues of white and iridescent blue, holds the enchanting energy of the moon and the divine feminine. It is a stone of intuition, emotional healing, and new beginnings. Moonstone enhances your connection to your inner wisdom and intuition, helping you navigate life's ups and downs with grace and clarity. It promotes emotional healing, soothing and calming the emotions, while encouraging self-discovery and self-expression. Moonstone is also associated with nurturing energies, supporting new beginnings and the manifestation of dreams. Embrace the mystical allure of Moonstone as it guides you on a journey of inner growth, emotional healing, and the embrace of your divine feminine energy.


Glowing with vibrant green hues, peridot is a crystal of abundance, prosperity, and personal growth. It emanates a joyful energy that uplifts your spirit and invites positive experinces into your life. Peridot activates the heart chakra, opening you up to giving and receiving love with an open heart. It assists in healing emotional wounds and releasing past patterns that no longer serve you. This crystal also stimulates personal growth and transformation, encouraging you to step into your power and pursue your passons. With its refreshing energy, Peridot revitalizes your energy field, bringin