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Angel Numbers Necklace

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This 16-inch gold-plated figaro chain choker features enchanting labradorite crystals, accompanied by a golden charm showcasing the powerful number "333." In numerology, the number 3 symbolizes creativity, expansion, and divine guidance. Embrace the harmonizing energy of labradorite while embodying the transformative power of the number 3, allowing this necklace to serve as a talisman for creative souls seeking spiritual alignment and divine inspiration.

* Necklace comes with extender that can extend the necklace up to 19 inches


made with labradorite 

Labradorite, a mystical gemstone alive with shimmering hues and enchanting radiance, unlocks doorways to transformation and spiritual awakening. Its captivating energy acts as a protective shield, guarding your aura from negative influences and unwanted energies. Labradorite weaves a tapestry of magic and intuition, enhancing psychic abilities and expanding your spiritual awareness. It serves as a guide through the realm of dreams, facilitating dream recall and exploration of the subconscious. Labradorite's mystical vibrations illuminate your path, revealing hidden truths and inspiring self-discovery. Embrace the ethereal beauty of labradorite as it opens the doors to higher realms, ignites your inner light, and awakens your soul to infinite possibilities.

Jewelry Materials 

gold-colored stainless steel figaro chain + gold-plated lobster clasp + gold plated necklace extender 

Important Notes 

This necklace is made with gold-plated metals. Over time, the gold-plating may fade, causing a change in color. To avoid this, please practice proper jewelry care by avoiding contact with liquids and storing on a hanging display when not in use.