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Araw Choker

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One of our most beloved and sought-after necklaces, Araw emulates radiant beauty and captivating energy. This 16-inch choker is crafted with a gold-plated chain featuring a tarnish-resistant coating, ensuring its timeless allure. Adorning the necklace are delicate gold-plated sun charms and glistening ametrine crystals, emanating a harmonious blend of spiritual clarity and uplifting vibrations. For added versatility, the necklace includes an extender that allows for an adjustable length of up to 3 inches. Elevate your style and embrace the enchanting energy of the sun and the transformative properties of ametrine with this cherished necklace.


made with ametrine

A captivating fusion of amethyst and citrine, Ametrine blends the spiritual serenity of purple with the radiant energy of golden hues. It harmonizes the qualities of both crystals, offering a unique synergy of balance, clarity, and abundance. Ametrine acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, facilitating spiritual growth and expanding consciousness. It brings clarity to your intentions and helps you make decisions aligned with your highest good. Ametrine's vibrant energy uplifts the spirit, instilling optimism and confidence while attracting prosperity and abundance. Allow the enchanting fusion of Ametrine to guide you on a harmonious journey of balance, clarity, and the integration of spiritual and material aspects of life.

Jewelry Materials 

brass sun charms + gold-plated brass chain and closures 

Important Notes 

The sun charms on this necklace are made with brass and the necklace chain is made with gold-plated brass. Over time, the materials may oxidize or lose their original color. To prevent this, please practice proper jewelry care by storing your necklace properly on a hanging display and avoiding contact with liquids or chemicals.