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Featuring a 20mm gold-plated hoop adorned with a grounding black tourmaline crystal, these earrings capture the essence of protection and energy purification. Dangling gracefully from the hoop is an elongated triangle charm, symbolizing harmony and balance. Let the captivating energy of black tourmaline shield you from negativity while enhancing your connection with the Earth's grounding energies. With its enchanting design and powerful properties, Aurora bring forth a sense of inner strength and timeless allure.


made with black tourmaline 

Black Tourmaline, a protective crystal cloaked in deep ebony hues, forms a shield of grounding and purification around your energetic being. Like a guardian, it repels and transmutes negative energies, creating a safe and secure space for your mind, body, and spirit. Black Tourmaline acts as an anchor, grounding your energy to the Earth's stabilizing forces, fostering stability and strength in times of turmoil. It helps to alleviate stress, axiety, and fear, promoting a sense of calm and balance. With its purifying properties, Black Tourmaline cleanses and detoxifies your energetic field, allowing for a renewed sense of clarity and empowerment. Embrace the protective embrace of Black Tourmaline and walk your path with confidence, knowing you are shielded and supported.

Jewelry Materials 

brass triangle charms + 20mm gold-plated metal hoop hypoallergenic 24k gold plated ear wires

Important Notes 

Because crystals are gifts from mother nature that vary in size and shape, you may recieve crystals that are slightly smaller or slightly larger than those pictured.

These hoops are made of gold-plated brass and the triangles are made of raw brass. Over time, the gold plating may fade and the brass may oxidize, causing a change in color. To avoid this, please practice proper jewelry care by storing your earrings safely and keeping them away from liquid or chemicals.