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Bulan Choker

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18 inch* stainless steel figaro chain necklace with brass moon phase bar charm and green garnet & blue apatite crystals 

*Includes 3 inch extender.


blue apatite 

Blue Apatite, a mesmerizing gemstone with shades of celestial blue, activates the throat chakra, enabling clear and authentic communication. It stimulates self-expression, empowering you to speak your truth with confidence and clarity. Blue Apatite enhances mental clarity, sharpening intellect and expanding awareness. It acts as a catalyst for personal growth, igniting inner motivation and fueling your pursuit of goals and aspirations. With its calming vibrations, Blue Apatite soothes emotional turbulence, promoting inner peace and harmony. Embrace the transformative power of Blue Apatite as it guides you to unlock your true potential, embrace self-expression, and navigate the journey of personal growth.

green garnet

Green garnet exudes a lush, verdant hue that evokes the vitality of nature's thriving landscapes. This crystal, also known as Grossular Garnet, harnesses the grounding energy of the Earth, encouraging a strong sense of stability and balance. With its rejuvenating properties, Green Garnet revitalizes the spirit, inspiring growth and abundance in all aspects of life. Embracing the heart chakra, this gem fosters compassion and emotional healing, empowering individuals to open their hearts to love and kindness. Let the Green Garnet be your gentle guide to reconnecting with nature's abundance, finding inner strength, and fostering harmony within the self and the world around you.

Jewelry Materials 

18 inch gold-colored stainless steel figaro chain + 3 inch 18k gold-plated cable chain extender + 14k gold plated lobster clasp + raw brass moon phase charm 

Important Notes 

This necklace is made with raw brass and gold-plated brass components. Over time, the brass may oxidize or the gold plating may wear off, which may cause a change in color. To avoid tarnishing, please practice proper jewelry care by storing your jewelry on a hanging display when not in use and avoiding contact with liquids/chemicals.