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Gold Filled Ear Wires Upgrade

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All earrings in my shop come with gold-plated ear wires by default. If you would like to upgrade your ear wires to gold filled, please add this product to your cart and list the name of the earrings you would like upgraded in the notes at check out! If you are upgrading multiple pairs of earrings, please add this product to your cart multiple times (ie, upgrading 2 earrings = add this to your cart twice) 

All earrings upgraded to gold fill will be given standard fish hook ear wires, even if the original design features other ear wires (ie, lever back hooks, ball studs). Please also note that even though you are changing your ear wires to gold fill, the material of the earring design itself will remain the same (ie, hoops, charms, and chain will still be brass or gold plated brass).  

Gold Plated vs Gold Filled: What's the Difference? 

Both gold plated and gold filled materials are made by coating a base metal, usually brass, with a layer of gold. Gold plated materials go through an electrical process that creates a very thin layer of gold on top of the base metal. Because the amount of gold coating on the base metal is so small, the gold will wear away with time if not handled with excessive care. On the other hand, gold filled materials nearly 100x more gold in the coating over the base metal. The base metal is sandwiched between two thick layers of gold that are heated and fused together, creating a durable metal that is much less likely (almost impossible) to tarnish! This also makes gold filled materials much safer for sensitive skin because the base metal will likely never touch the skin.