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I Wish You Roses Choker

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Romantic 16" cable chain choker with one-of-a-kind locket and adorned with dangling mini garnet and clear quartz crystals to promote confidence, strength, healing, and cleansing. 

Includes necklace extender that will extend length of necklace up to 3 inches. 

Because each locket is unique, these necklaces are semi one-of-a-kind! There are 2 of each of the locket options available. Please review the product photos and select the locket you love the most.



Clear Quartz 

The universe has blessed Mother Earth with an abundance of this master healer crystal. Quartz is incredibly versatile because of its ability to amplify whatever intentions or energies you program into it. By taking your intentions and energies and broadcasting them into the universe, quartz helps you manifest exactly what you need for your spiritual journey. Quartz is also a deep soul cleanser; it eliminates our inner negativity and replaces them with positive thoughts.


Just looking at this captivating deep red crystal is sure to evoke feelings of intensity. This is because garnet awakens your inner fire and nudges you to grow in confidence, strength, and fortitude. Its power supports us in understanding who we are so that when the world tries to throw us off our path we are firm in our sense of self, values, and beliefs. At the same time, garnet also inspires love and devotion. When you do find special people who respect who you are, garnet can help solidify those sacred relationships. In times of crisis, garnet also activates our survival instinct and pushes us to fight on.

Jewelry Materials 

Soldered 22k gold-plated brass cable chain with tarnish resistant coating + 18k gold-plated locket + gold-plated necklace extender + gold-plated lobster clasp 

Important Notes

This necklace is made with gold-plated brass components. Over time, the gold plating may wear off, which may cause a change in color. To avoid tarnishing, please practice proper jewelry care by storing your jewelry on a hanging display when not in use and avoiding contact with liquids/chemicals.

About the SWEET HONESTY Mini Collection 

The Sweet Honesty mini collection is the 2023 iteration of Wounded Healing Art’s annual limited edition Valentine’s Day drop! Sweet Honesty embraces softness, femininity, and self-love with delicate and romantic earrings, necklaces, sunglasses chains, and for the first time ever, hand chains!