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Magic Mushroom

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Step into a whimsical realm with the enchanting Magic Mushroom earrings! These  20mm hoops showcase the mesmerizing beauty of iridescent labradorite, with its mystical play of colors. Suspended from the hoops is a gold-plated mushroom charm, adorned with charming celestial cut-outs that add a touch of celestial allure.


made with labradorite

Labradorite, a mystical gemstone alive with shimmering hues and enchanting radiance, unlocks doorways to transformation and spiritual awakening. Its captivating energy acts as a protective shield, guarding your aura from negative influences and unwanted energies. Labradorite weaves a tapestry of magic and intuition, enhancing psychic abilities and expanding your spiritual awareness. It serves as a guide through the realm of dreams, facilitating dream recall and exploration of the subconscious. Labradorite's mystical vibrations illuminate your path, revealing hidden truths and inspiring self-discovery. Embrace the ethereal beauty of labradorite as it opens the doors to higher realms, ignites your inner light, and awakens your soul to infinite possibilities.

Jewelry Materials 

gold plated 20mm hoop + gold plated mushroom charm + 14k gold plated hypoallergenic ear wires 

Important Notes 

These earrings are made with raw brass and gold-plated brass components. Over time, the brass may oxidize or the gold plating may wear off, which may cause a change in color. To avoid tarnishing, please practice proper jewelry care by storing your jewelry on a hanging display when not in use and avoiding contact with liquids/chemicals.