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Celebrate your authentic self with WHA's Queen earrings, a limited release to celebrate PRIDE 2023! These gold-plated huggie hoops feature a cascade of rainbow-colored crystal chunks, representing the beauty of diversity. Embrace self-acceptance and authentic self-expression as you wear these earrings adorned with vibrant garnet, sunstone, citrine, peridot, lapis lazuli, tanzanite, and amethyst. With a mini gold-plated star at the end, these earrings serve as a reminder to reach for the stars and celebrate the power of accepting yourself as you are. Shine with pride and embrace your true colors with these stunning earrings! 


Garnet (red)passion, vitality, abundance 

Sunstone (orange): empowerment, confidence, leadership 

Citrine (yellow): manifestation, motivation, joy 

Peridot (green): healing, heart-activation, personal growth 

Lapis Lazuli (blue): wisdom, enlightenment, serenity

Tanzanite (indigo): spiritual expansion, inner wisdom, transformation 

Amethyst (purple): protection, spiritual growth, serenity