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Rain Dance

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floral brass moons with dangling labradorite and blue apatite. 


blue apatite 

Blue apatite’s powerful energy is incredible for helping you tap into your personal power. It supports us in this by clearing away mental and emotional blockages like apathy, confusion, and negativity and replacing them with a sense of independence and ambitiousness. Blue apatite also helps us overcome self-consciousness and alienation while promoting openness and social ease so we feel powerful and confident as we navigate the world.


At first glance, labradorite may look like a simple grey stone. But when you view it from certain perspectives, you can catch a glimpse at its striking blue iridescence. Labradorite supports us in learning this lesson in our own lives. When life seems dull and meaningless, labradorite’s energy helps you look for the light to see the magic in the universe and within yourself. Labradorite is also powerful for manifesting and setting intentions and will support you in working toward your limitless potential.

Jewelry Materials 

brass floral moons + 24k gold plated chain + 14k gold plated hypoallergenic ear wires 

Important Notes 

These earrings are made with raw brass and gold plated materials. To avoid tarnishing, please practice proper jewelry care by minimizing exposure to liquids and storing your earrings on a hanging display when not in use.