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Raveena Choker

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A celebration of playful and free-spirited style, this 16-inch gold-plated cable chain choker is adorned with vibrant carnelian gemstones and whimsical gold butterflies. The combination of the fiery carnelian and the delicate butterflies creates a harmonious blend of energy, evoking a sense of joy and spontaneity. Embrace your playful side with the "Raveena" choker, an enchanting accessory that adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit and showcases your free-spirited nature.


made with carnelian 

Carnelian, a vibrant gemstone radiating warm hues of orange and red, ignites the fires of passion, creativity, and personal power. Like a blazing sun, it infuses you with vitality and enthusiasm, inspiring courage and motivation in all endeavors. Carnelian's dynamic energy revitalizes the spirit, fostering a sense of empowerment and confidence. It stimulates creativity, amplifying artistic expression and igniting the spark of inspiration. This stone of motivation dispels lethargy and self-doubt, propelling you forward on your path with renewed energy. Embrace the fiery embrace of Carnelian as it fuels your passions, awakens your inner strength, and empowers you to manifest your dreams.

Jewelry Materials 

gold-plated brass chain + 18k gold-plated butterfly charms 

Important Notes 

this necklace is made with gold-plated metals. over time, brass oxidizes and can change colors. to prevent this, please practice proper jewelry care by storing them in a safe place and keeping them away from any liquids.