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Named after the very first Pinay educator I had the privilege of taking a course with, the Robyn earrings are a gold plated bamboo-inspired stud hoop with a stunning mini crystal. Available in garnet or amethyst

About the Namesake: 

Dr. Robyn Rodriguez, a scholar, educator, and dedicated community organizer, has played a pivotal role in elevating Filipinx and Filipinx American narratives. A leading researcher, Ate Robyn has centered her work on Asian American activism and global migration, with a specific focus on the experiences of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). She is the visionary founder of the Bulosan Center for Filipino Studies at UC Davis, a groundbreaking center dedicated to shedding light on the Filipino experience. Beyond the confines of academia, Ate Robyn shares her knowledge freely through the School for Liberating Education, reflecting her unwavering commitment to accessible education for all. More recently, she established the Reimagination Farm, a sustainable and regenerative farm rooted in intergenerational ancestral land knowledge and farming practices, drawing from her family's Hmong and Philippine heritage. Ate Robyn's inspiring work not only advocates for the recognition of Fil Am stories, but also encourages us to reimagine and rebuild systems that genuinely serve those around us. 



Amethyst, a captivating crystal renowned for its enchanting purple hues, emanates an ethereal energy of spiritual serenity and clarity. Like a guardian of the soul, it provides protection, peace, and intuitive wisdom. Its tranquil vibrations effortlessly dissolve negativity, purifying the mind and spirit with its soothing embrace. Known as the "all healer," amethyst also stimulates spiritual growth, deepens meditation, and opens pathways to higher consciousness. It acts as a beacon of light, illuminating the path to self-discovery and unlocking secrets of the universe.


Garnet, a fiery gem ablaze with passion and vitality, ignites the soul with its captivating energy. Like a magnetic force, it fuels your inner fire, infusing you with purpose, motivation, and physical energy. Garnet empowers you to embrace your true seld and walk the path of self-confidence and strength. It's a talisman of abundance, aligning the universe to shower you with prosperity and positive relationships.

Jewelry Materials

gold-plated hoops with 925 sterling silver stud (hypoallergenic + anti-tarnish)