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Serendipity - Multiple Crystal Options

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Experience the enchanting beauty of Serendipity: delicate and graceful threader earrings that exude and elegance and sophistication. These ethereal earrings create a captivating illusion as they delicately suspend a crystal, seemingly floating in your hair. The soft threads add a touch of whimsy and charm, enhancing your natural allure.

Crystal option varies based on availability; currently available in amazonite, clear quartz or orange electroplated quartz


My journey creating Wounded Healing Art has been a chain of synchronistic events that all began when I attended my first camping festival in 2018. Under the light of the moon on the dancefloor, surrounded by beautiful wild hearts, I discovered the courage to awaken the creativity and whimsical spirit of my inner child. The Synchronicity Collection celebrates all the magical moments, inspiring humans, and serendipitous occurrences within festival spaces that led to the birth of Wounded Healing Art, my biggest labor of love, three years ago.  



Amazonite, a captivating stone remniscent of rainforests, exudes and aura of soothing tranquility and vibrant renwewal. Like a refreshing dip in a crystalline oasis, its cool hues of aqua and green wash over the spirit, invoking a sense of calm and harmony. With its gentle vibrations, Amazonite invites emo