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The Way the Sun Loves Me

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Featuring sun charms adorned with serene faces, these earrings radiate a sense of peace and tranquility. Dangling from the sun charms are captivating orange electroplated quartz stones, reflecting the warm hues of a summer sunset. Completing the design, golden rectangle-shaped hematite beads suspended from chain add a touch of sophistication and grounding energy.



Hematite, the powerful grounding stone, anchors your energy to the Earth, bringing stability and balance to your being. With its protective properties, it shields you from negative energies, creating a sense of safety and security. Hematite's strength and resilience inspire you to overcome challenges, while its clarifying energy sharpens your focus and promotes mental clarity. Allow Hematite to balance your energy, harmonizing the yin and yang within you, and fostering a deep sense of groundedness and integration.


Clear Quartz, a magnificent crystal known as the "Master Healer," radiates pure and powerful energy that brings clarity, amplification, and balance to all aspects of your being. It is a stone of manifestation, enhancing your intentions and aligning them with the universal energy. Clear Quartz purifies and cleanses the energy field, removing blockages and facilitating the free flow of energy. It harmonizes the chakras, revitalizing and balancing the mind, body, and spirit. This crystal also enhances spiritual awareness, opening pathways to higher consciousness and spiritual growth. Clear Quartz is a versatile crystal that can be programmed for specific purposes and amplifies the energies of other crystals. By embracing the pure energy of Clear Quartz, it will illuminate your path, magnify your intentions, and bring clarity to your journey of self-discovery.

Jewelry Materials

raw brass sun charm + gold plated chain with anti-tarnish coating + 14k gold plated hypoallergenic ear wires 

Important Notes 

These earrings are made with brass. Over time, brass may oxidize, causing a change in color. To avoid tarnishing, please practice proper jewelry care by minimizing exposure to liquids and storing your earrings on a hanging display when not in use.