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earring collection


our curation of effortlessly chic designs

Embrace the magic of simplicity

Designed for those who appreciate the beauty in understated elegance, our Basics Collection is a curated selection of effortlessly chic earrings adorned with the transformative power of crystals. Perfect for everyday wear, these designs redefine sophistication by offering minimalism with a touch of ethereal charm.


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  1. Aurora
    Sold Out
  2. Serendipity - Multiple Crystal Options
  3. Balance
  4. Gracie
  5. Malia
  6. Gracie: Saturn Return Edition
    Sold Out
  7. God is a Woman
    Sold Out
  8. Limited Release Crystal Stud Earrings (4 crystal options)
  9. Raw Crystal Stud Earrings (4 crystal options)